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How is a home elevator installed?

A home elevator can be a great solution for people with disabilities or the elderly who have difficulty climbing stairs. It gives them the freedom to move around their home and maintain their independence. If you are considering installing a home elevator, it is important to consider the cost and space available in your home.

The installation process of a home elevator consists of the following steps:

  • Assessing the space: Experienced installers assess the space where the lift is to be installed to determine the best installation options.
  • Hole in floor and ceiling: A precise hole is made in the floor and ceiling to install the lift.
  • Placement of the lift: The installers place the lift in the space and ensure that the lift cams and guides are correctly aligned and fixed to the floor and ceiling.
  • Connecting the lift: The lift is connected to the electrical system and the hydraulic pump. The installers test the lift extensively to ensure that it functions safely and properly.
  • Thorough inspection: After installation, the installers carry out a thorough inspection to check that the lift meets all safety standards.
  • Safety testing and training: Extensive safety tests are carried out and the lift owner is trained to use the lift safely and correctly.

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