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How is a stairlift installed?

To install a stairlift, it is first important to measure the relevant staircase. Why? Every staircase is different, which is why a stairlift is always custom made.

Based on the measurement, the installation process can begin, which starts with the design. The stairlift is then custom made at the factory, so that the stairlift ultimately fits perfectly on the stairs. After the manufacturing process, the stairlift is then installed by the installer at your home, including the stairlift and its chair, electrical wiring and battery backup.

The installation process of a stairlift can vary in time depending on the complexity of the stairs and the design of the stairlift. In most cases, the stairlift is installed in one day and, of course, extensively tested for safety and reliability.

Different types of installations

Stairlift ideal for straight staircases, providing convenient and secure mobility along a linear path

Installation for a straight stairlift

A straight stairlift is the simplest solution to create more mobility and independence in the home for people who have difficulty climbing stairs. The installation of a straight stairlift can be done relatively easily, as there are no complex operations to perform. In most cases, an experienced and professional installer can install a straight stairlift within a few hours. This is because no adjustments or customisation to the stairs or wall are needed. The lift is simply mounted on the steps and the rail is fixed to the wall. The installation process is therefore relatively quick and without major disruptions in the home.
Stairlift specifically designed for curved staircases, ensuring smooth and safe transportation along the unique path of curved stairs.

Installation for a curved stairlift

A curved stairlift is a great solution for people who have difficulty climbing stairs and have curved stairs. The installation process for such a lift is quite complex. This is because each curved staircase is unique, so the installation process takes more time than with a straight stairlift. An installer should accurately measure the stairs and create a design to fit the specific dimensions and curves of the stairs. The lift is then custom made, with components such as the rail, seat and motor carefully adapted to the shape of the stairs. This requires significant expertise and craftsmanship.
Stairlift designed for installation on a spiral staircase, offering safe and comfortable mobility on curved staircases.

Installation for a stairlift on a spiral staircase

The process of installing a stairlift on a spiral staircase can take several days, depending on its complexity. During installation, it may be necessary to drill holes in the wall and/or floor, which may cause temporary inconvenience. A spiral staircase can also bring additional challenges, such as different angles and turns. As a result, the installation process may take longer than for a staircase with only one curve. Despite the complexity of the installation process, a stairlift on a spiral staircase can be a worthwhile investment for people looking to increase their mobility and independence. The lift can be customised to fit the unique shape of the stairs perfectly.

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